Storms & Silver Linings

When I  was little, I had two nicknames: One was ‘Stormy,’ and the other was ‘Pollyanna.’ My parents bestowed these nicknames upon me because of two opposing elements of my personality.


First Day of Kindergarten – Embodying “Stormy” to the MAX

First came ‘Stormy.’ This name was given to me because as a kid, my moods were undeniably stormy. Seemingly small things would set me off and hang over my head like a dark and ominous cloud.

But then, the cloud would suddenly lift and I would become the bright, sunny, and cheerful child who would earn me the other moniker of ‘Pollyanna.’ The title character of one of my favourite children’s books, I deeply related to Pollyanna’s urgent need to seek gratitude in every moment.

My dark moods were the ‘Storms,’ and my grateful spirit was the ‘Silver Lining.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I was a highly sensitive child. And today, I am a highly sensitive twenty-something. I feel everything – the good AND the bad. And I feel it deeply.

For a very long time, I considered this a weakness … I thought it was my fatal flaw. But the older I get, I’ve come to realize that it may actually be my greatest strength. It offersme intuition, compassion, and intensely deep and meaningful relationships with the people around me.


I Spent A LOT Of My Childhood Reading In Trees. Let’s Just Assume I Was Reading Pollyanna Here.

This is just one of the many lessons that life has been teaching my lately. Here on Storms & Silver Linings I’ll be exploring this and more. I won’t pretend to be an expert on life. I am not here to offer you opinions or advice in a way that I’m certainly not qualified to do. Instead, I invite you to join me on my journey as I share what life is revealing to me each and every day.

Yours Truly,

Stormy / Pollyanna
(aka Heather Jane)