Storms & Silver Linings

Life is tough. But it’s also beautiful. It’s full of the most trying tribulations imaginable, and it’s no stranger to debilitating self-doubt. But, somehow, life is also abundant with blessings that go far
beyond measure. And while it’s riddled with seasons of
unbearable darkness, somehow the path back into peace is illuminated for us time and time again.

Yes, life is full of ‘Storms.’ But I’ve come to learn that those storms are where we learn our most impactful lessons. These lessons are what I refer to as my ‘Silver Linings,’ and even when times seem entirely unendurable, the silver linings have of my life have been evidence to me of the persistence of goodness.

An unshakable belief in the Persistence of Goodness is my message here. I intend so spread it by seeking out the brightness in the brokenness and sharing it with you.

Welcome to Storms and Silver Linings. I hope you’ll stick around!

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