In Celebration Of Organ Donation Month …

Did you know that throughout the month of April, there are numerous Organ Donation Associations & Groups celebrating the Gift Of Life through “Organ Donation Month,” “Be a Donor Month,” “Donate Life Month” and more. These celebrations are far-reaching and impactful in encouraging folks to sign-up for the most selfless and incredible gift many of us have the potential to give.

If you know me, you’re probably well aware of the role that organ donation has played in my life and the healing journey I’ve gone through since the loss of my mom. I’ll be sharing that story in a later post. It is a message that is of intense importance to me, and I want to get it right. Organ Donation has been a beacon of hope to me in my darkest days, and I want to share that message in the right way.

While I draft that post, I wanted to share an essay I wrote a few years back. This was originally published by XOJane, and later picked-up by Time. This piece is an “Open Letter” that I wrote to the recipients of my Mom’s organs. In the editing process and for publishing sake, the introduction given to the piece makes it sound as though I submitted this letter and it was rejected by the Organ Donation “authorities.” That is not the case.

I wrote this letter as a personal and healing experience, and never submitted it to actually be sent to the recipients. Why? Because it breaks almost every single rule listed in how those letters are supposed to work. While I do intend to eventually write a letter to those recipients, this letter is not it. This letter was intended to be more of a message of hope and healing, and my goal was to share an important part of my mom’s legacy. I pray I did that successfully.

If you’ve never read this essay, please find it at the link below. I’d love for you to give it a read & I hope it lights a spark of encouragement within you as you read.

An Open Letter to the Recipients of My Mom’s Donated Organs

With Love,

Heather Jane



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