A Dying Mother’s Letter To Her Daughters

This past week, I came across this beautiful piece on Joanna Goddard’s website, and I simply had to share.

Julie Yip-Williams was the mother of two girls when she was diagnosed with cancer that eventually took her life. Before passing away, she left them with the most beautiful gift. The letter, published HERE makes my heart swell & my eyes water … More than anything, it leads me to wonder.

What would my mom have wrote, had she had the chance? What would she have said if she knew she were dying? These are questions to which we will never have the answer, but reading Julie’s letter somehow made me feel closer to my own mom, even though the words are not hers. I hope you’ll give it a read and that it will bring the same joy, comfort (and a touch of sorrow) to you as it did for me.

This world is full of so many beautiful stories, and I am so grateful to everyone with the courage to share theirs.



2 thoughts on “A Dying Mother’s Letter To Her Daughters

  1. Joanne Roach says:

    Wow. Just Wow. What a wise and inspiring read. This would help so many who are in the grieving process right now. To know there is always hope, to press on in life with the knowledge that their loved one looks after them long after they’re gone.


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