Jamaica, No Problem! How We Celebrated The New Year In The Caribbean Sun


The Whole Team Is Here! Our Last Night In Jamaica

If you know me, there’s a 99% chance you’ve heard me rave about the generosity of my in-laws to be. They truly go above and beyond time and time again in supporting me and Mac in everything we do, and we are ridiculously lucky to have them. This past Christmas, however, they really upped the ante and took it to a whole new level when they surprised us with a 2 week trip to Ochos Rios, Jamaica!

Fortunately, because Mac, his sister, and I all work full-time in the family business, our vacation time had been pre-booked although we didn’t know where we were going. Our brother-in-law is also an entrepreneur and owns his own microbrewery, so he too had booked the time off, without knowing our destination. When we opened our presents on Christmas morning and found out, we were through-the-roof excited!

I can honestly say that vacationing at the very start of the calendar year is something I could totally get behind as an annual tradition. It gave us so much time to relax and reflect on 2018 and set goals for the year ahead. Taking this time gave us the opportunity to really come back to the office after our vacation and kick off the new year completely refreshed. If you ever have the opportunity to travel at the beginning of January, I highly recommend it.

Beyond simply having the time away, I’m also grateful for the opportunity to spend time taking in the Jamaican countryside and observing the Caribbean culture. Something that I know a lot of people find frustrating about all-inclusive resorts is the unauthentic cultural experience they tend to offer. However, we were lucky that our brother-in-law ‘knew someone who knew someone’ who connected us with a local tour guide. This gave us the opportunity to see parts of Jamaica that tourists typically do not travel to, and really learn about what they mean when they say ‘Jamaica, No Problem!’

Are there problems in Jamaica? Of course! But there is also a spirit of celebration and gratitude that I know I (along with many others) could definitely learn a lot from. This is a valuable lesson I am grateful to be taking away from my holiday in the sun.

I wish each of you the best in the year to come. Thanks for reading! Comment and let me know where your dream travel destination is!


“No Jerk, No Jamaica!” – We LOVED this Jerk Hut and plan to learn to
make Jerk Chicken at home this winter.


Lighting Up The Waters of the Luminous Lagoon!


Braving The Trek At Dunn’s River Falls

Getting Our Daily Steps In With Regular Beach Walks


Trying to Hide My Nerves At The Blue Hole, Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Conquering Fears & Taking Leaps Of Faith … It Truly Was A Trip To Remember!


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